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Why Join The DMF?

By joining the DMF, industry vendors and integrators are provided an opportunity that no other industry organization can offer, the collaboration with I.T. Professionals and integrators in a focused effort to improve the I.T. industry. Companies gain access to and influential input to a prestigious program and community that will provide global leadership. The distinguishing characteristics of DMF are these:

  • Not a standards or technology association – DMF is a solutions initiative focused on market definition, development, unification, and leadership

  • A market changing forum – focused on really engaging with I.T. Professionals and building value for both communities

  • Certification programs, education, training, and a world-class information portal with global influence and reach

Consider the influential power of each Initiative’s IT Portal and what happens as DMF and its initiatives become the global source for market definition, education, and leadership in these key new fields. All government agencies will turn to DMF. All IT training programs and all IT operations will be influenced. The goals and plans for these industry changing programs are detailed in the DMF’s operating plan.

What is Expected of Member Companies?

Obviously, all this doesn’t come for free. It is created by committed individuals supported by their companies. DMF needs funds and people with creative energy to address these important market initiatives. Membership fees and fund raising events such as conferences propel DMF’s programs. Individuals can expect to spend several hours per week working on initiative projects. Leaders and committee chairs will spend 4+ hrs per week, depending on the roles that they have committed to lead. Companies can expect to allocate resources in each initiative and the return that you will see is proportional to the number of people engaged in the work effort. Count on multiple people participating in various programs as we need a multitude of talent with differing skills.

How to Join and Participate in the DMF

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