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Data Protection Initiative

Welcome to the Data Protection Initiative’s (DPI) site and community. You will find in this site a comprehensive set of resources centered on data protection and a forum to interact with the Data Protection Initiative’s development community inside of the SNIA’s Data Management Forum (DMF).  It is this community that is producing the content and authoritative best practices behind this site.

DPI Communities

Data Protection Initiative Community Center

The interactive community collaborating on producing the authoritative content defining industry best practices for all aspects of data protection.

  • DPI projects up for review
  • Document repository
  • Online Surveys
  • Discussion Groups

Resources for Regulatory Agencies

A portal to this site’s resources oriented to those of you who are working for regulatory agencies or interested in the regulatory compliance requirements for data protection and retention.

Resources for IT Professionals

A portal to this site’s resources oriented to those of you who are IT Professionals.

Resources for Systems Integrators

A portal to this site’s resources oriented to those of you who are Systems Integrators.

What is New?

Concurrent with Storage Networking World in Phoenix the week of April 5th, the Data Management Forum is making these announcements:

  • A unifying Vision for Information Lifecycle Management, ILM
  • Launch of a new Initiative within the DMF to work in the area called Content Addressable Storage, the “Content Addressable Storage Solutions Initiative”.
  • ILM Solutions 2004: Launch of a new conference focused on best practices for ILM solutions, sponsored by the DMF and co-located within the ARMA Conference on Information Management.

About the Data Protection Initiative

The Data Protection Initiative (DPI) was created by SNIA’s Data Management Forum (DMF) to allow industry leaders and participants to come together into a community to focus on defining, implementing, qualifying and teaching improved methods for the protection and retention of data and information. The DPI operates as an online virtual community, sharing work efforts, training programs and outreach services such as research, whitepapers and training, and educational courses. This portal’s chief objective is to serve IT professionals and will define and build certification programs, education, training and a world-class collaborative information portal with global influence and reach. The DPI’s goal is to build the knowledge base and training capabilities to become the worldwide authority on data protection, helping all of the SNIA’s constituents (vendors, IT, regulatory agencies, and channel partners) to better understand and implement data protection solutions.

Current DPI Projects

The members of the DPI are working to organize and unify the emerging marketplace for disk-based data protection by defining new metrics, implementation guides, and reference models.

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is an international trade association serving the broad storage industry.

Related Initiatives – The DMF operates three initiatives currently, each with community portals like this one.

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