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Continuous Data Protection - Special Interest Group

Welcome to the CDP-SIG website for IT users. We are a co-operative, vendor-neutral group that works within SNIA to evangelize Continuous Data Protection by both acting as the world-wide-authority and resource on CDP and by educating IT professionals to help them make informed decisions regarding the technological uses and practical applications of CDP.

We offer reference materials and resources to help you understand Continuous Data Protection and how it might fit into your IT environment and help you achieve your data protection and availability objectives.

Please visit us often as we continue to add materials.

Comments and suggestions are welcome and can be sent via e-mail to Agnes Lamont.

SNIA CDP Buyer’s Guide, Second Edition

For an in-depth look at the definition of CDP, how the technology applies to different areas and a list of CDP products on the market, check out the latest edition of SNIA’s CDP Buyer’s Guide.

CDP Buyer's Guide - Second Edition Download Adobe Reader

CDP Defined
(from the SNIA CDP Buyer's Guide, September 2006)

"The SNIA DMF CDP SIG defines CDP as follows: Continuous data protection (CDP) is a methodology that continuously captures or tracks data modifications and stores changes independent of the primary data, enabling recovery points from any point in the past. CDP systems may be block-, file- or application-based and can provide fine granularities of restorable objects to infinitely variable recovery points. So, according to this definition, all CDP solutions incorporate these three fundamental attributes: 1. Data changes are continuously captured or tracked, 2. All data changes are stored in a separate location from the primary storage, and 3. Recovery point objectives are arbitrary and need not be defined in advance of the actual recovery. There are a number of recognized technological approaches to delivering CDP, including block-, file- and application-based. Today, many vendors offer varying degrees of support and awareness of specific application and data environments. But regardless of the underlying technological approach utilized, CDP can offer faster data retrieval, enhanced data protection and increased business continuity with lower overall cost and complexity."

CDP-SIG members

CDP-SIG member companies include: NetApp, EMC, HDS, InMage, Mendocino Software, Mimosa Systems, Timespring, Atempo, Sun, Symantec, CA and XOsoft.

Network Appliance EMC Hitachi Data Systems InMage
Mendocino Software TimeSpring
Sun Microsystems Computer Associates XOsoft


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