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SNIA Data Management Forum

The DMF has organized a panel of thought leaders and industry experts, spanning multiple organizations, industries and information management domains, to respond to questions and commentary on today’s most pressing data management issues. To engage in this dynamic information exchange, click on the links below!

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Current Question:

Q: Are CAS devices well suited for long-term storage? There appear to be benefits and downsides as well-- can you elaborate on these?

- Jacob from North Carolina

A: CAS devices by definition are meant for long-term storage, however "long-term" can be relative, so it's definitely worth while to dive into this a little further.

First off, let's define for the purposes of this writing what is the difference between a CAS storage solution and a plain (non-SAN) storage sub-system (i.e. just a bunch of disks or similar)...

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Archived Questions:

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XAM or "eXtensible Access Method" - A SNIA technical project to establish standard interfaces, coordinating information metadata between applications and storage systems. Read about the XAM-interface and come participate in developing a very important new standard.
A collaborative storage industry resource available to anyone responsible for the accessibility and integrity of their organization’s information.

Enterprise Information
World 2007

is joining forces with IDG’s Next Generation Data Center conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco August 6-9, 2007

The call for speakers is open, see here for more information.

Next generation data centers will be built around next generation information-based management practices. The combination of the EIW and NGDC conference programs offers attendees the most significant and comprehensive event of the year covering the future of data center architectures, information management and regulatory compliance.

The Storage Networking Industry Association’s Data Management Forum (DMF) is a cooperative initiative of IT professionals, integrators and vendors working to define, implement, qualify and teach improved and reliable methods for the protection, retention and lifecycle management of electronic data and information.

The Three Initiatives of DMF

The DMF is currently operating three initiative-based workgroups. Each initiaitve is chartered to foster accelerated deployment of best practices for a specific subset of data management functions. The following table summarizes these initiatives.

The Information Lifecycle Management Initiative’s work began with defining a vision for Information Lifecycle Management – a unifying vision of what ILM will become and its impact on the datacenter. Now work is underway on the next elements of defining a reference architecture for ILM, including data classification, market & product segmentation, and phases of implementation that leverage today’s information management and data management services. The Data Protection Initiative is defining new approaches and best practices for data protection and recovery. Members are working to organize and unify this emerging marketplace by defining new metrics, implementation guides, and reference models. For example, the DPI is promoting some new metrics such as the "Value of Data" and the "The Value of Protection". Our goal is to build the knowledge base and training capabilities to become the worldwide authority on data protection and retention, helping all of the our constituents (vendors, IT, regulatory agencies, and channel partners) to better understand and implement data protection solutions.

DPI Currently Supports the Following Special Interest Groups

CDP - Continuous Data Protection

VTL - Virtual Tape Libraries

The Long Term Archive and Compliance Storage Initiative is a cooperative effort of end users, IT professionals, vendors, integrators, and service providers with interests in the challenges of long-term digital information retention (archive) and storage compliance in accordance governmental and business regulations. We are a focal point for all such activity within the Storage Networking Industry Association.

The Goal of LTACSI is to enable end users to make informed choices about long-term archive and regulatory compliance storage solutions and to gather end user needs to guide related SNIA activities.

LTACSI operates the

100 Year Archive Task Force which is a multi-agency project focused on producing best practices and standards that support very long term digital information retention.


DMF Highlights

100 Year Archive
Requirements Survey

The 100 Year Archive Task Force recently completed a Business and IT Requirements Survey.  If you are in IT, RIM, Information Security, or a role with concern related to long term digital information retention, please register here to receive the compliled results.  The final report will be available soon!

Register to receive the results here.

WEBCAST: Best Practices of Information Classification

Information classification requires that I.T. administrators work with Line-of-Business and knowledge workers to gain an understanding of the data to be managed. Join Sheila Childs in this SNIA On-Demand webcast as she explains the different types of classification methodologies and techniques available today!

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Interested in learning more about the work and mission of the SNIA Data Management Forum? View this brief webcast featuring DMF Chairman, Jeff Porter.

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WHITEPAPER: Managing Data and Storage Resources in Support of Information Lifecycle Management

This document provides an overview of the concepts associated with aggregated data service management based on data Service Level Objectives (SLOs). This includes the ability to identify and manage data and storage resources in the delivery of dynamic, distributed computing environments, and the ability to manage and optimally apply these resources using the concepts of Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).

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ARTICLE: The Power of XAM

eXtensible Access Method (XAM) is one of the most significant software initiatives that the SNIA has undertaken to date. Click here to get caught up with XAM activities described by Christina Casten, XAM Committee Chair.

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